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Building12/15/2017Approved 12/15/17 The submitted plans do not have any revised sheets. The newest uploaded sheet is dated before the permit was issued. You can call me at 703-228-3943 to discuss problems with uploading plan sheets.
Building12/22/2016Approved Sheet 0009 SCHEDULES: All doors from rooftop assembly require panic hardware. Door 200 is equipped with HW#1 (panic exit device), but door 201A is equipped with lever hardware (HW#3). Both doors must provide free egress at all times. VCC 1008.1.9, 1008.1.10.
Building12/22/2016Approved Sheet 0009 SCHEDULES: Door 201A requires a 60 minute rating for an exit enclosure. VCC 716.5.
Building12/22/2016Approved Sheet A130 REFLECTED CEILING PLAN: Provide structural design loads and structural details for the wood pergola. Note 1 refers to the structural drawings, but I do not see any mention of a wood pergola in the design notes or any structural details for it. Please clarify or correct. VCC 109.3.
Building12/22/2016Approved Sheet A162 ENLARGED STAIR PLANS: 1 hour walls are required for the exit enclosure stair were exposed to unrated roof at 90 degrees. If this is an open stair and not and enclosed exit, include the landing in the rooftop area calculation. VCC 1022.
Building12/22/2016Approved Sheet A110. An elevator is required for a level over 3,000 sf. I calculate the floor area to be about 3,300 sf. VCC 1104.4 10/13/16 This is a gross floor area calculation that includes the restrooms, janitor's closet, built-in furniture (i.e., bar) and landings of open stairways. It is not clear how you are calculating the floor area at less than 3,000 sf. 12/22/16   more...
Building12/22/2016Approved Sheet A205 ELEVATIONS: The wood used structurally in the pergola must be FRT. FRT wood must be pressure impregnated and labeled. The after-market treatment only applies to make the wood surfaces meet the finish requirements of Chapter 8. VCC 603.2 and 2303.2.
Building10/11/2016Approved Sheets A203-6. Provide a research report from an independent testing agency showing that the field-applied "Firestop" product is the code equivalent of a Class A finish material. I cannot locate an ICC-ES report. VCC 803.9. 10/13/16 I cannot locate a test report from an independent laboratory.
Building10/11/2016Approved Sheet 0001. Correct the project description. Addition of second level shown on plans. This is not a tenant improvement. The conversion of the roof to a terrace with roofs over stairs, restrooms, and bar is an addition. Change permit information from CTBO to CADD or submit another permit for the addition. 10/13/16 The permit application and records must be changed before  more...
Electrical 10/12/2016Approved Requires a RDP stamp per VCC, 111.
Electrical 06/22/2016Approved Sheet 01E-1.0 ELECTRICAL NOTES: Please provide an updated Electrical Energy Cert Form.
Electrical 06/22/2016Approved Sheet 01E-1.0 ELECTRICAL NOTES: RDP services per the Virginia Construction Code
Energy 12/20/2016Approved The drawings indicate that new storefront will be installed. However, no information is presented regarding the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of the glass used in the storefront system. Table C402.3 of the 2012 VECC requires that the storefront system glazing have an SHGC of not more than 0.40. In the resubmission, include additional information in the drawings that states the SHGC of  more...
Energy 06/23/2016Approved Sheet A301 includes detail 2, a wall section that shows the R-values of exterior continuous insulation and roof insulation. However, detail 2 does not call out and label the R-value of the cavity insulation. The 2012 VECC requires a minimum of R-13 cavity insulation in addition to exterior R-13 continuous insulation for steel framed walls. In the resubmission, call out and label the R-value of  more...
Energy 06/23/2016Approved The drawings show that two new bathrooms are being installed on the roof. These bathrooms are fitted with electric heaters and are considered conditioned space. However, no information for this building thermal envelope has been provided. It appears that this space may be separate from the rest of the building thermal envelope as it may be above an air open space and above the existing building  more...
Energy 06/23/2016Approved Sheet E0002 of the drawings includes a lighting schedule, an exterior lighting COMcheck and lighting plans. There are several energy code compliance issues with the permit submission that are present in the sheet. First, a seperate interior lighting COMcheck is required in addition to the exterior lighting COMcheck on a full size sheet in the drawings to show that the interior areas (restrooms,  more...
Energy 06/23/2016Approved Sheet E0002 includes motion sensor switches in the restrooms. It is unclear if these switches meet the requirements of section C405.2.2.2 of the 2012 VECC. In the resubmission, include a note on sheet E0002 that states that these motion sensors will shut off all non-emergency lighting within 30 minutes of all occupants leaving the space (restrooms).
Energy 06/23/2016Approved Sheet 0009 includes a door schedule that specifies several new doors that are part of the building thermal envelope. These doors are shown on the plans as Door 200, 201, 201A 203 and 204. Table C402.2 of the 2012 Virginia Energy Conservation Code requires that these doors have a maximum U-factor of not more than U-0.61. In the resubmission, include an additional column in the door schedule that  more...
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