Permit Comments

ReviewReview DateStatusComments
Building03/23/2017ApprovedA-00 Architectural Cover Sheet 23 March 2017 Verify the occupant load of the shop. The occupancy loading factor of 75 ft²/person is incorrect. Use 15 ft²/person for the customer areas and 200 ft²/person for kitchen/staff. VCC §1004.1
Building03/23/2017ApprovedA-100 - Architectural 23 March 2017 The cumulative areas identified on the floor plans significantly exceed the total area of the tenant space as reported on A-00 Cover Sheet. Please revise and coordinate.
Building03/23/2017ApprovedA-302 Enlarged Plan and Sections 23 March 2017 Increase the clear width of the rest room doorway to 32" minimum, measured from the face of the door standing open at 90º. VCC §1008.1.1
Mechanical 02/12/2018ApprovedReview Date:: 2/12/18 In reference to design changes dated 2/6/18. The current menu has not changed. Sheet M1.1 Type I hoods shall be installed where cooking appliances produce grease or smoke as a result of the cooking process. Type I hoods shall be installed over medium-duty, heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty cooking appliances. Type I hoods shall be installed over light-duty cooking appliances that produce grease or smoke. VMC 507.2.1
Mechanical 03/24/2017ApprovedReview Date: 3/24/17 Sheet M-1.1 Provide a plan and elevation show kitchen exhaust in relation to property lines. VMC 506.3.13.2 Termination through an exterior wall. Exhaust outlets shall be permitted to terminate through exterior walls where the smoke, grease, gases, vapors and odors in the discharge from such terminations do not create a public nuisance or a fire hazard. Such terminations shall not be located where protected openings are required by the International Building Code. Other exterior openings shall not be located within 3 feet (914 mm) of such terminations. VMC 506.3.13.3 Termination location. Exhaust outlets shall be located not less than 10 feet (3048 mm) horizontally from parts of the same or contiguous b
Mechanical 03/24/2017ApprovedReview Date: 3/24/17 Sheet M-1.1 Provide the location of the grease reservoir. VMC 506.3.7.1
Plumbing 02/08/2018Approved2-8-18 Grease Interceptor required, Seemed to be removed on the last Revision. Menu has no changed. Please advise or provide required equipment. 2012 VPC 1003.1
Plumbing 03/20/2017Approved3-20-17 Please provide GI calculation. 2012 VPC 1003
Plumbing 03/20/2017Approved3-20-17 Pg A-302 Please provide 18" Vertical Grab Bar for restroom
Plumbing 03/20/2017Approved3-20-17 Pg P2.1 Expansion Tank required for WH 2012 VPC 607.3
Plumbing 03/20/2017Approved3-20-17 Please provide location of required Service Sink
Plumbing 03/20/2017Approved3-20-17 Pg P2.1 OSD for WH, Please provide trap protection method or device ASSE 1018/1044 2012 VPC 1003.4
Plumbing 03/20/2017Approved3-20-17 Pg P2.1 - Sanitize compartment required to be Direct connection. 2012 VPC 802.1
Zoning 02/12/2018ApprovedNote: The customer decided to use only 1 of the 3 vents approved on ZADM170338.
Zoning 03/22/2017ApprovedStatus: Rejected Note: Due to changes on the façade due to the openings (changes on the existing and a new one) and the installation of equipments on the wall an approved admin change is required. Use Permit: U-3223-09-1 Zoning District: CP-FBC Working Area: 1,102 ft² Description: New Café and Lounge in an existing mixed use building. Reviewer: José Gómez E-mail:
Zoning 04/03/2018ApprovedZADM170338 was cancelled by Zoning. The customer needs to contact Zoning front counter for information concerning the admin change.
Zoning 04/12/2018ApprovedThis permit was approved without the need of admin change ZADM170338 that was cancelled on July/2017. Due to changes on the design of the kitchen, the additional vents needed that required a change of the façade were not needed making the admin change unnecessary. This is not a rejection comment.