Permit Comments
Permit #B1901467
Address3217 10TH ST N
Applied Date28/05/2019
Approved Date07/08/2019
Date Issued20/08/2019

ReviewReview DateStatusComments
Building05/30/2019ApprovedManually operated surface or flush bolts are not permitted on means of egress doors (Section 1008.1.9.4). Where egress doors are used in pairs, automatic flush bolts may be used on the inactive leaf provided no surface mounted hardware is mounted on that door leaf (Section 1008.1.9.3(3)). Please see proposed deadbolts on new bathroom doors, proposed locking system on doors should function as an automatic flush bolts, when the door lever is operated door should unlock automatically if the doors functions as such then please provide a note on hardware schedule indicating so. Currently hardware schedule only indicates deadbolts (Hardware sets no 1 and 2)
Building05/30/2019ApprovedThe "Accessibility Compliance Form" is MISSING. The designer must complete the form and attach the original to the County plan set and a copy to each additional set of plans.
Building06/04/2019ApprovedUnfortunately i will not be available via phone call due to personal reasons, best way to get in touch is via email in case designer needs clarifications email:
Building07/23/2019ApprovedOccupant load shall be determined in accordance with Sec. 1004 and Table 1004.1.2. The occupant loads of rooms and spaces are based on the way the room or space is used, not necessarily on Occupancy Classification of the building, floor, or tenant. Be sure that functions of all rooms and spaces are identified on the plans. Please include overall occupant load of the space, number of bathrooms are determined per the overall occupant load of the tenant currently plans only indicates occupant load < 100 which is not correct (it may be so for the building but not for the entire tenant space) COMMENT PARTIALLY ADDRESSED 07/23/19: Only building official can approve reduced occupant load, please get in touch with Tod Connors to proceed with a
Building08/06/2019ApprovedSheet A-001 Architectural Code Analysis & Site Plan: Revised fixture count to 6 male and 6 female toilets.
DES:Water/Sewer Engineering08/07/2019Eplan Review NoteCOMMERCIAL INT ALT. 55 NEW DFU'S. APPROVED
EPlan Review08/07/2019Approved--N/A--
Plumbing 05/31/2019Approved5-31-19 Please provide Menu, For possible Grease Interceptor requirements. Please supply ADA Compliance Form .
Plumbing 05/31/2019Approved5-31-19 Please verify Occp Count, Refer to Bldg Review comments.
Zoning 06/07/2019ApprovedPermit for interior alterations to existing commercial building to create public bathrooms and food preparation area. Permit includes outdoor seating area as well as food trailers. Permit is rejected until all comments are addressed.
Zoning 06/07/2019ApprovedThe permit mention the Beer Lot restaurant as the main use for this permit, however there are no interior seating area associated with this restaurant. An outdoor cafe seating area is an accessory use to a main restaurant use and can only be approved once a certificate of occupancy is issued for the main use. In addition, per the Zoning Ordinance Article 12. the number of Outdoor seats cannot exceed the number of indoor seats. Outdoor seating area cannot be approved as shown on this permit and must be approved through a separate process (certificate of occupancy) once the main restaurant use is established and operational and in conformance with the Zoning Ordinance. Contact me at 703-228-7579 with questions if any.
Zoning 06/07/2019ApprovedZoning Ordinance requirement for Outdoor cafes. Article 12.9.15 Outdoor cafés Outdoor cafes may be allowed only as accessory to otherwise allowed restaurants, subject to the following requirements: A. Outside of public rights-of-way or easements for public use Outdoor cafes are allowed, subject to approval by the Zoning Administrator, when they are located outside of public rights-of-way or easements for public use and comply with the following, except that the County Board may modify the requirements of §12.9.15.A.7 and §12.9.15.A.8 by use permit or site plan, pursuant to §15.4 and §15.5, respectively. 1. An outdoor cafe, including any canopies or covers associated with such a café, shall be permitted within the required setback. Sa
Zoning 07/28/2019ApprovedPlease provide the setback from the food trailers to the center line of the streets. The required setback must be no less than 50 feet.