Permit Comments Details


Review Date03/10/2016
Structural Review: Approved.
Special Inspection: Rejected.
1. Submit Statement of Special Inspections.
(a.) Download form here(copy+paste):
(b.) Complete the cover sheet. Note: Statement will be rejected if SIER or GC information is incomplete.
(c.) The Statement of Special Inspection shall be completed by the SER. In the last column write "SER", "SIER", "TAER" or "N/A" to indicate who will be responsible for each required test and inspection. In the section labeled "Other Inspection", identify any required tests/inspections not listed.
(d.) All parties identified on the cover sheet must sign and date final sheets.
(e.) Owner, SER, and SIER signatures shall be provided on the bottom of each page.
2. Please submit SER resume, SIER resume, laboratory and technician certifications.