Permit Comments Details


Review Date06/14/2016
The permit submission indicates that new light switches, switched receptacles, lights and illuminated mirrors are part of the scope of work of the permit. Section C405.2.3 of the 2012 Virginia Energy Conservation Code (VECC) requires that a master control device is installed at the main room entry of each sleeping unit that controls all permanently installed luminaires and switched receptacles of the sleeping unit, including the bathroom. There does not appear to be a master switch that is capable of controlling all switched receptacles and permanently installed luminaires, such as but not limited to the illuminated mirrors. In the resubmission, show a control device that will satisfy the requirements of section C405.2.3 of the 2012 VECC. Include a one line diagram on the drawings showing the control device and include sufficient detail to illustrate compliance with section C405.2.3 of the 2012 VECC. Note that section C405.2.1 requires that each space with floor to ceiling partitions, such as a bathroom, must also have a manual control in the space so that an occupant in the space may control the lighting within that space.